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Pattern bomb

A pattern sharing community

Pattern Bomb
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Hello and Welcome!
Welcome to patternbomb a moderated pattern sharing community. patternbomb was created as an answer to the lack of communities that catered to pattern makers and lovers.

Moderated access means that only pattern makers can post to the community but everyone is free to join/watch and use the patterns found here.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor to the community, please apply for posting access in this post.

Posting Rules and Requirements
1. Only patterns may be posted in the community.
Patterns in this community are defined as images that repeat seamlessly. No other resource is allowed in the community. There are plenty of specialized communities for textures, icon resources and brushes. This community concentrates on patterns only.

2. Preview images should not exceed 400px in width.
Please use a live journal cut (<lj-cut> </lj-cut> ) if you have more than one preview image. If you’re posting the actual pattern images into the post, please place them under a lj-cut as well.

3. One post per day.
Please consolidate your posts and only post once a day to the community.

4. Do not link to locked entries.
You may post to a public journal entry but do not waste the community members time by posting a teaser preview and then a link to your locked community.

5. Please be descriptive.
Use the community’s tags and make sure you state whether or not your patterns are software specific and what version. (IE: .pat files for Adobe Photoshop elements, 7, CS, CS2)

Posts that break these rules will be deleted without warning. Members who continually break posting rules will be removed as a contributor to the community.

zinzibar icon_textures
If you are interested in an affiliation, please leave a reply here. (Established resource communities only, please.)

Miscellaneous Information
If you have any questions or comments concerning the community, please make them in this post.

The name pattern bomb was something I saw once in a post and I thought it was catchy. ;)